About the Black Lake
Located 4 km to the southeast of Lenie and 1,684 meters above sea level is The Black Lake.  The lake is from glacial times with very cold, and a deep blue water.  The area has a mountain climate with a rare and natural beauty.  The lake lies 300 meters from its water source and contains water that is widely known for it's curative properties because of it's high content of minerals and a pH level between 7.5 and 8.39.  Every year from August 1 - 15 people make the trip to bathe in the lake to help heal their Rheumatic diseases (diseases associated with aches and pains of the joints).

Traveling to The Black Lake

From Gramsh: Take the bus to Lenie that leaves from the town hospital at 13:00.  The cost to Lenie is 300 leke (3 USD) and will get you within a two hour hike to the Black Lake.  

You can also find 4x4 taxis in front of the hospital.  Round trip cost would be about 7,000 leke (70 USD).  4x4 taxis can sit 4-5 travelers.  

Returning to Gramsh: Busses leave Lenie for Gramsh daily at 06:30 at a cost of 300 leke (3 USD). 

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The Black Lake (Liqeni i Zi)


Camping near the lake.
Hotel "Tomorri", Gramsh (See main page).

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