About the Sotire Waterfall

To the Northeast of Mount Tomorri, traversing and emerging through limestone is the water source for the Sotire Waterfalls.  There are multiple falls at the location with free falling drops ranging from 5 - 20 meters.  Overlooking the waterfalls is a field perfectly located for camping while taking in the majestic sights and sounds. 

Traveling to the Sotire Waterfall

From Gramsh: There is a bus that leaves daily for Kushova at 06:00 and 13:00 near the Mosque.  From Kushova there is a 2 hour walk/hike to the waterfall (6 km).  The cost for one way travel on the bus is about 150 leke (1.50 USD). 

There are also 4x4 taxis located in front of the hospital.  These are slightly more expensive, but may get you closer to the waterfall.  Generally you can hire a 4x4 for about 1,500 leke (15 USD).

Returning to Gramsh: The bus leaves Kushova at 06:00 and at 15:00 from near the village center.  The cost to return is about 150 leke (1.50 USD).


Sotire Waterfall (Ujevara e Sotires)


Hotel Tomorri in Gramsh (see main page).
Camping in the field overlooking the waterfall.
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