About Irmajit Castle

Located approximately 17 km from Gramsh, the Irmajit Castle sits comfortably near the town of Tunja, 980 meters above sea level.  The castle is known throughout history as the "Castle of Kadrionit."  The area was founded as an Illyrian settlement about 2,400 years ago (~380 B.C.E.).  This was confirmed by archeological discoveries in the area.  The remains of the castle are a simple 25 meters of stone that take the shape of an "L."  The positioning of the castle was crucial in early times as it allowed for residents to overlook the towns of present day Gramsh, Lushnje, Berat and the Adriatic Sea.  Today, in addition to the remaining stone structure, the area is surrounded by an Oak forrest and natural beauty.

Traveling to Irmajit Castle

From Gramsh: Travelers could take the bus towards Tunjes which starts at near the mosque in Gramsh at 06:00 and 13:00.  Exiting at "Qafën e Shëmtithit" and walking approximately 4 km by foot (~1 hour).  This bus costs 150 leke for one way travel (1.50 USD).

4x4 taxis are also available for trips to the Castle with the cost being approximately 2,000 leke (20 USD).

Returning to Gramsh: Busses leave Tunjas for Gramsh at 07:00 and 14:00 for the same cost.

Irmajit Castle


Hotel Tomorri, Gramsh (see main page).

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