About Holte Canyon

To the northeast of Gramsh, near the villages of Kabash and Bardhaj and you can admire the beauty of Holtë Canyon. The canyon was formed over time through the process of erosion due to the Holtë River.  The area displays the phenomena known as karst topography. The Canyon is 3 km long, 350 meters high and 10 meters wide, is made ​​up of many caves that have not yet been explored by adventurous travelers.  Limestone karst topography lines the Canyon, creating a rare and beautiful site, rich in stalactites and stalagmites.

Traveling to Holte Canyon

From Gramsh: The best way to travel is by 4x4 taxi for about 3,500 lekë (30 Euro) to cover the journey to the Canyon and back to Gramsh. The 4x4 can seat from one to five persons. Travelers can also take any bus traveling towards Elbasan and exit at Drize (see path map on front page). From here it is about a 2 hour walk. The approximate cost for the bus is 50 lekë (.5 USD).

Returning to Gramsh: If you walk to the main road by Drize you can take a bus or taxi which will pass roughly every hour until 17:00. The cost is 50 lek (.5 USD

Holtë Canyon


Hotel Tomorri in Gramsh (see main page).

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