About Grabova

Located about 44 km from Gramsh, and 1,250 meters above sea level, Grabova is known for its storied history.  That history includes connections to both the Roman and Byzantine Empires.  Grabova saw its most rapid development between the 14th and 17th centuries.  Grabova is well known in Albania for its natural beauty, including canyons and mountainous landscape, ancient churches, bridges and cobblestone water system.

For a video interview on the great history of Grabova, click here.

Traveling to Grabova

From Gramsh: Take the bus to Lenie that leave from the town hospital at 13:00.  The cost to Lenie is 300 leke (3 USD).  From Lenie you can follow multiples paths to arrive at Grabova.  Travel time by foot from Lenie is about 1.5 hours.

You can also find 4x4 taxis in front of the hospital.  Round trip cost would be about 6,000 leke (60 USD).

Returning to Gramsh: Busses leave Lenie for Gramsh daily at 06:30 at a cost of 300 leke (3 USD). 

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Hotel Grabova
Cellular: +355682086648 (AMC)
Cost: 1,000 leke per person (~$10)
Amenities: Bar, Restaurant

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