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Welcome to TravelGramsh.org! This site is dedicated to promoting tourism in the region of Gramsh, Albania.  We have selected six locations that we feel are the most interesting tourist points in Gramsh and provided the necessary information for aspiring travelers.  This site was created through a collaboration between the Municipality of Gramsh and volunteers from the United States Peace Corps program.

Brief History
The region of Gramsh is located in Southeastern Albania, bordering Elbasan, Berat, Skrapar, Korcë, Pogradec, and Librazhd.  Through old records, place names, physical evidence and ancient legend indications are that Gramsh has been inhabited since ancient times.  Archeological findings in Tumulus (Lair Hill) of Cëruja and the Irmajit Castle provide supporting evidence.  This location was selected by ancient peoples due to the fertile lands and existence of water along the Devoll River.  The climate in Gramsh closely resembles the climate of the Mediterranean with mildly cold, wet winters, and warm, dry summers.
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Traveling to Gramsh
Travelers in Albania can reach Gramsh from several other major cities directly through the taxi, minivan or bus services.  Cities with direct connections to Gramsh include: Berat (127 km), Durrës (130 km), Elbasan (45 km), Korçë (86 km), Lushnjë (86 km), and Tiranë (100 km).  

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*All distances are indicative of the route taken by busses.  

City of Gramsh:
Hotel Tomorri
Located in city center (Kamber Dërmyshi Center)
Phone: +35551322346
Cellular: +355692178921 (Vodafone)
Email: Hotel-Tomorri-Gr@gmail.com
Cost: 1,500 leke per person (~$15)
Amenities: Bar, Pizzeria, Wireless internet
Hotel Grabova
Cellular: +355682086648 (AMC)
Cost: 1,000 leke per person (~$10)
Amenities: Bar, Restaurant